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Healthwise I am getting better but there is still a long way to go. I keep finding bits of my brain that don't quite work as well as they used to but apparently it can take a year for all that to recover. I shall have to be more organised about Lists to ensure I don't forget anything important.

I had a lovely weekend in London helping [personal profile] dozydormouse to celebrate her birthday. The break really did me some good, although I was very tired when I got home (this seems to be the new norm). I wish my student budget allowed for more things but I can't even live on it day to day (e.g. my bursary went in Friday and by this morning it had all gone out again, the only "luxury" I have bought was some new mascara. I now have about £20 to last me until the third Friday in May!!) I need to complete my application to the nursing bank so that I can earn some money. I would have done it last year but life went pearshaped just as I was about to complete the application. Even if I only did one or two night or weekend shifts a month it would be a help.

Depressing financial things aside, I passed my final tripartite, which mean that both academic and placement mentors consider me to be competent as a nurse. Now all I need to do is to pass my assignments, get through my make up periods and ensure that I look after myself properly ready for third year. Actually I am sure there are a lot more things I need to do but I can't remember them - note to self: write down rememberings immediately so you don't forget them!

I had other things that I wanted to write about but I had to pause to answer the phone and now I can't remember them at all. It is a bit of a worry....
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Since losing Alfie a month ago Juno has been very needy and she sits and cries all the time until even Dad said that he thought she was lonely. So Mum and I acted quickly before he could change his mind! We decided on a kitten as Juno wouldn't tolerate another adult cat, and we have since discovered that it isn't a good idea anyway. I have made a list of local cat and animal shelters which Mum is going to ring when I'm at work and today we went to the RSPCA centre just in case they had any kittens. They didn't. Apparently it isn't the time of year for kittens, so Mum will ring the other places and see if they have any before we decide to wait a few more weeks.

I just hope Juno appreciates our efforts!
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Every time in the last couple of weeks that I have sat down to write here something has come up and prevented me from doing so. However, a quick catch up in bullet points

• I completed and passed my mid point tripartite with flying colours. I also completed my surgical placement, which I enjoyed very much.

• My radiotherapy finished on 28th Feb and I have completed the unpleasant and inconvenient part of my treatment.

• I have begun a new placment in conorary care and I am loving it. There is so much to learn but everybody is so committed to helping students to learn and makes it enjoyable and relevant.

• My hair is growing back and I look a lot like Sinead O'Connor circa 1990. I have invested in caffiene shampoo upon the recommendation of some ladies on my bc forum and my parents are treating me to a new Mason Pearson hairbrush so hopefully my hair will grow back quickly and lusciously. I have ordered curls and my previously blonde hair is coming through dark brown or black, with lighter patches. It will be interesting to see what I end up with.
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The past few shifts have been the NHS at it's worst. Granted there weren't people on trollies in the corridor but that's probably because we're nowhere near A&E, however there are odd patients who have nothing to do with our ward speciality, which is a challenge. I spent part of today with our vascular physios learinng how they rehabilitate amputees, which I found so interesting and I will hopefully go back as all today's patients were above knee amputees and they wanted me to see below the knee as well.

I am watching Further Back In Time For Dinner before I retire. Even short (9 hour!) shifts are tiring at the moment.
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Not much has been going on since my last post. I am still enjoying my placement, although I had a wobble over my ability to provide personal care - of all things! I've been doing personal care on others for the last 15 years so God knows what was going on in my head. I blame a combination of cytotoxic drugs and radioactivity.

I have started radiotherapy; 3 sessions down, 17 to go. It is bearable and an improvement on chemo. I suspect my skin is going to object fairly soon but I expected that as I have very fair skin which burns easily. Hopefully the tiredness won't be too bad as I have an exam to prepare for as well as an assignment to finish by 3rd March. I really must motivate myself to get going on some academic work pretty soon! Any help with finding ooomph will be much appreciated.
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A whole month and I've posted a few entries. How long will that last? January has been a funny old month but I have improved a lot healthwise during it so I can't complain. I am loving my placement and now I've settled a bit it is great to realise that I haven't forgotten everything from first year. It is now a question of building confidence in my own abilities. The portfolio doesn't hold quite the same horror either as many aspects are the same as first year. The case study on the other hand.....

I finally switched on my laptop, mainly to set up a new forum (long story) but it meant that I finally got around to opening my long abandoned assignment. Having read what I have written it has given me the shove I need to start again. Tomorrow, but I am on my own for most of the day so I will find it easier to settle down to work. The 3rd March will come around all too quickly and I have an exam around then too. Ack, too much work!!!!!
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Yesterday would have been chemo day so we are celebrating it as "the day I didn't have chemo"! Today we are going out for a special lunch to celebrate that and mine and Dad's belated birthdays. The side effects are slowly diminishing and I am starting to feel a lot better. Radiotherapy starts next week so I am hoping what my consultant said is true and I won't be affected by it too much.

I began placement on Monday and it felt so good to be back in the thick of things. Obviously there are many more rules in place for me due to fatigue and a greater risk of infection. I am on a surgical ward so the main ones are shorter shifts and not being allowed to nurse patients who are barrier nursed. Everybody on the ward is lovely (a couple of patients excepted!) and very supportive. I felt so welcomed and my first day didn't feel like a first day at all. There are lots of opportunities to work with the various teams connected to the ward so I think this will be a very interesting and enjoyable placement.
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It is such a nice feeling knowing that i won't have to go and be poisoned next Wednesday! I am slowly feeling better but the tiredness is still a problem, although tiredness will be a problem for months to come so I may as well get used to it and stop moaning. I went to my local yarn shop in Saltburn this morning and spent my birthday gift voucher on some lovely red West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK which will become a cardigan once I have enough ooomph to knit more than a couple of short rows at a time. Until then it is socks and mitred square blanket knitting that will keep me occupied.

Not that I will have much time for lots of knitting as I have an asssignment due in 3rd March, an exam scenario released at the end of February to plan for the exam at the end of March, another assignment due - although I have an extension for that one which releases a bit of pressure. This is in addition to full time placement hours, a portfolio to complete and a case study to write up by the end of June! I need a nap just thinking about it all :D
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Not much has been going on in my world. I am recovering from final chemo more slowly than I would like but at the same rate I have recovered from the previous five so I have absolutely no grounds for complaint. I am now at the stage where I feel more like eating but I am still very picky about what I eat. I literally have to eat what I fancy as anything else makes me feel sick!

I am slowly restoring order to the pigsty in which I am living. Yesterday I managed to change the bed, which guarantees feeling better. I also put away the piles of clean clothes that have been getting higher and higher since Christmas. I have a few Christmas presents which I still need to post, and as I discovered this morning I still need to wrap!!!

I am feeling rather miffed as I have been invited out tomorrow with my old workmates, to a Chinese buffet (the nice kind that cook everything fresh) and I won't be able to go as my stomach simply isn't up to it. I feel like having a right royal paddy about it because it isn't fair, why me etc etc etc. Oh well, by the time I'm feeling better I shall have to treat myself to a nice takeaway of some kind instead. Obviously it won't be quite the same but at least I won't have to cook it.
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I have been terrible at posting on my online journal spaces and having another may not be the wisest move but we'll see how I get on. I don't know how many of my old LJ readers will find me here but again, what will be, will be.

So this year so far I have completed chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer which was diagnosed in July 2016. I had surgery in August 2016 and was very lucky that the cancer hadn't spread from the tumour so I was techincally cured, but was advised a course of chemo and radiotherapy due to age and severity of cancer. It was the last thing I wanted but it is the best thing for me. Chemo was truly a horrible experience and I am glad it is over. As I only had my final dose two days ago I am feeling pretty grotty but it is pleasant to know as I start to feel better I shall go on feeling better this time. I am assured that radiotherapy is a walk in the park in comparison so I am hoping that is so.

All of this hasn't stopped me carrying on with my nursing training, the university have been excellent and very supportive and my hospital placements are led by the university so there shouldn't be any problems there. It is a struggle at times but much better than not doing anything with my time and swelling on myself. I can't imagine anything worse!!

So that's a brief update on what is happening chez Anna. Onwards and upwards are the keywords for the first part of this year.


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