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Not much has been going on in my world. I am recovering from final chemo more slowly than I would like but at the same rate I have recovered from the previous five so I have absolutely no grounds for complaint. I am now at the stage where I feel more like eating but I am still very picky about what I eat. I literally have to eat what I fancy as anything else makes me feel sick!

I am slowly restoring order to the pigsty in which I am living. Yesterday I managed to change the bed, which guarantees feeling better. I also put away the piles of clean clothes that have been getting higher and higher since Christmas. I have a few Christmas presents which I still need to post, and as I discovered this morning I still need to wrap!!!

I am feeling rather miffed as I have been invited out tomorrow with my old workmates, to a Chinese buffet (the nice kind that cook everything fresh) and I won't be able to go as my stomach simply isn't up to it. I feel like having a right royal paddy about it because it isn't fair, why me etc etc etc. Oh well, by the time I'm feeling better I shall have to treat myself to a nice takeaway of some kind instead. Obviously it won't be quite the same but at least I won't have to cook it.
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