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I have been terrible at posting on my online journal spaces and having another may not be the wisest move but we'll see how I get on. I don't know how many of my old LJ readers will find me here but again, what will be, will be.

So this year so far I have completed chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer which was diagnosed in July 2016. I had surgery in August 2016 and was very lucky that the cancer hadn't spread from the tumour so I was techincally cured, but was advised a course of chemo and radiotherapy due to age and severity of cancer. It was the last thing I wanted but it is the best thing for me. Chemo was truly a horrible experience and I am glad it is over. As I only had my final dose two days ago I am feeling pretty grotty but it is pleasant to know as I start to feel better I shall go on feeling better this time. I am assured that radiotherapy is a walk in the park in comparison so I am hoping that is so.

All of this hasn't stopped me carrying on with my nursing training, the university have been excellent and very supportive and my hospital placements are led by the university so there shouldn't be any problems there. It is a struggle at times but much better than not doing anything with my time and swelling on myself. I can't imagine anything worse!!

So that's a brief update on what is happening chez Anna. Onwards and upwards are the keywords for the first part of this year.
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